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The Introduction of Mobile Promotion Kiosks

November 25, 2016


Mobile Promotion Kiosks (MPK’s) are the contemporary alternative to pop-up banners in shopping centres and provide a tailored advertising platform for large or small businesses.


A new direction for promotional mid-mall activity, pop up banners and podiums are substituted by digital content which can be uploaded remotely by CentreSpace staff in advance.  


The MPKs have symmetrical screens from both sides of the unit, comprising two landscape and two portrait screens to maximise visibility along the mall. The small screens are ideal for a company logo whilst the larger screens are more suited for a specific marketing campaign as these can be shown through a running slideshow of images or a video graphic. This method of promotion lends itself to a more eye-catching appeal and helps cut through the noise of mid-mall commercialisation activity. As a prime advantage over pop ups, MPKs can be used as a manned base, or as a running non-manned advertising display.


MPKs are effective as they allow Landlords’ and commercialisation agencies to standardize promotional presentation with a unit which looks smart along the mall. This, in turn, creates a visually pleasing result and a heightened shopper experience.