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The Beginners Guide to Mall Kiosks






Looking to make the move from a simple stand to a bespoke kiosk? Want to learn more about the benefits of good kiosk design for your business? Follow this guide for more information.


Having your business located in a mid-mall position heightens the visibility of your pop-up kiosk and allows smaller operators to trade amongst larger anchor retailers in the same area. Occupying a mid-mall space means you benefit from the passing footfall of shoppers walking around the centre.


As the mall is the main focal point of the shopping centre, landlords are keen for the appearance of kiosks to be of a high standard to complement the shopper’s view of the centre.


If you are a retailer looking to make the transition from RMU trading/table top set ups, it can be difficult to understand what landlords have in mind. These guidelines are an overview of what landlord’s are looking for in the approval process for long-term mall kiosks.