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The Beginners Guide to Visual Merchandising








Looking to #GetCrafty with your stall display? Visual merchandising can be a great strategy to maximise sales, create a buzz around your products and steal attention from customers (and fellow crafters!) In this guide we hope to inspire your with ideas in how to venture past table cloth selling and experiment with different product displays.


Enhancing the visual aspect of your stand can work wonders to your sales. Displaying products in a quirky, creative way enhances the look and feel of your brand and it can also be a great signifier of product quality. Done well, it can even allow you to command a higher price for your goods.


Branding that is visually consistent – logo, business cards, paper bags – ensures that your brand sticks in the minds of customers and gives them a reason to come back.








Generally speaking, less is more when it comes to displaying delicate items such as jewellery. Dainty pieces such as rings and bracelets tend to work better with beautiful, simplified packaging and backdrops. That’s not to say that your display has to be boring. Intricate jewellery stands (DIY or bought) can be an easy (and cheap!) way of hanging beautiful pieces. Or even this example with brooches – the pins held in place through a ball of string. White backdrops works best to let the jewellery do the talking.