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The Beginners Guide to Retail Merchandising Units (RMUs)

November 3, 2017





Retail Merchandising Units (or RMU’s for short), offer a good short-term retail option for companies that do not have their own stand. They provide a good base for retailing your products as a operator, until you are in a financial position to invest in your own kiosk. We have RMUs available in 23 of our shopping centres so you have lots of options. In this guide we have outlined the biggest benefits of using an RMU kiosk:




1. Cheaper than space


Most RMU's have a weekly rent charge of £250 + vat per week (+20% in November and December) which is a much cheaper option than booking regular promotion space. Renting an RMU may be the best option for you as a retailer if you are a start up business with limited budget. 




2. Test the waters 


Trading from a retail merchandising kiosk may be the perfect stepping stone to test the retail environment and introduce your products to a new audience, without investing in a bespoke kiosk straight away. Most of our retailers started out on an RMU before making the transition to their own stand. 





3. No need to bring in a stand


Retail Merchandising Units offer a fuss-free way of merchandising and displaying your products, as the kiosk is readily available for you on the mall. You will not need to build or factor in costs of installation as the kiosk is ready to start trading from at the start of your booking. The majority of RMU's are on wheels so the location of your pitch is flexible.





4. Standard display layout


The unit comes intact with shelving, built-in lighting and lockable storage space. There is also a night cover sheet for excess security. For hints and tips on visual merchandising, read our blog here. As the kiosk is situated in a mid-mall location, this benefits from passing footfall through the shopping centre so you can ensure your goods get noticed.





5. Sundays are free 


Book Monday - Sunday on the RMU unit and we will charge you for 6 days instead of 7. 


For your chance to win a FREE retail merchandising unit for one week in the Forum Shopping Centre, Wallsend, follow our link here: