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The rising popularity of retail parks: An additional avenue for CentreSpace

March 16, 2018

We are delighted to announce that we have been appointed to manage 5 retail parks by Orchard Street Investment Management, following a new growth strategy to target larger shopping developments in out of town locations.


Retail parks are experiencing a surge in popularity, having traditionally been anchored by DIY and furniture superstores many are now diversifying to include a wide range of retailers to cater to a larger catchment area of customers. Fashion retailers, discount stores, supermarkets, food & beverage and leisure/entertainment complexes are capitalising upon the numerous advantages of these schemes which have very desirable qualities for passing customers throughout the week.


Through occupying greater square-foot leasable areas, retailers can offer a diversified range of stock, for instance the likes of high-street fashion retailer NEXT which quite frequently extends its HOME range as a standalone store, something of which is not always feasible in smaller shopping centre retail units. These types of schemes offer convenience to the busy commuter who choose to shop during off-peak hours such as after work or late weekend. Free ample parking is another common key feature to entice footfall.


As an additional avenue for CentreSpace, we have identified retail parks as the perfect opportunity for the growth of commercialisation. We can offer promotional space at the following sites:


Altrincham Retail Park, Manchester

Christchurch Retail Park, Bournemouth

Kingsway Retail Park, Derby

Snipe Retail Park, Manchester

Staples Corner, London


Please check the individual media packs for information about commercialisation opportunities such as car valets, food & beverage operators, automotive repair services and grooming/beauty services.


For more information and advice on our retail parks, please contact Caroline or Annabel on info@forumcentrespace.co.uk or 0191 226 8844 / 020 7043 4626 (Newcastle/London).


 Snipe Retail Park (image courtesy of Completely Retail)



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