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Creative spaces: A change in approach in an ever-changing retail world

June 17, 2019




As the retail world is ever changing, and with online shopping continuing to put pressure on physical retail; the need to adapt and evolve and to be creative with empty spaces is of paramount importance.


The Craft Fair Company in St Cuthberts Walk in Chester le Street is a great example of this.  They have successfully delivered a craft market pop up shop which has long term sustainability by accommodating a wide variety of talented traders selling a range of handmade products from local art to bath bombs.  The company have a strong community feel and by showcasing local independent traders they encourage the general public to shop local, buy local. 


They have enhanced their curb side appeal with branded window vinyls to draw potential customers through their doors.  Furthermore, by having a strong online presence, particularly on Facebook, they are able to promote their crafters, the products and the unit itself.   They also actively engage with customers on a deeper level by holding themed events to raise awareness of local charities such as the Bobby Robson Foundation.


Teresa from The Craft Fair Company stated:


"The other shops and their staff in St Cuthbert's Walk have welcomed us and thanked us for introducing new customers to their stores. We have been told many a time by customers and shop staff in the mall, that we are a breath of fresh air."


We are delighted at how successful this partnership has been.  It’s fantastic to see how an initial temporary delivery can transform into mainstay. 


If you would be interested in offering a similar initiative in your local centre, please get in touch with one of our Account Managers to see how we can help your creative ideas come to fruition!